Short Stories:

Wolf’s Bane – All Worlds Wayfarer: Through Other Eyes. December 2020

Isolation by [Amber Simpson, Scotty Milder, Eddie Moore, Zoey Xolton, Chanelle Loftness, Lyman Graves, Dan Rice, Austin Sheehan, Willow Croft, Dawn DeBraal]

Possessions By Rae Stinger – Fantasia Divinity: Isolation. September 2019

Flash Fiction:

The Crypt Online Magazine. June 25 , 2021

Intervention – 50-Word Stories. March 2019

You Promise The Stars You’ll Not be Careless Again – 50-Word Stories. November 2018

Tweaker at 4am – 50-Word Stories. June 2018

Mama Always Said – The Molotov Cocktail: Killer Flash. May 2018



Witch’s Garden – Hypnos Magazine Fall Issue. November 2020

HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VII by [Stephanie M.  Wytovich, Sara Tantlinger, Sarah Read, K. P. Kulski]

Haunted Basin – HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VII. November 2020