Short Stories:

“Camp Salvation: Khil or be Killed” – Bloodless: An Anthology of Blood Free Horror. October 2022.
“Fall Preserves” – Rewired: Divergent Perspectives in Horror. September 2022.

“The Ground Shook” – Dark Matter Magazine. May/June 2022.

“Worm Bagging” – Unnerving Magazine Issue #17. April 2022

“Wolf’s Bane” – All Worlds Wayfarer: Through Other Eyes. December 2020

Flash Fiction:


“Hide and Seek in Haunted Spaces” – HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. IX. October 2022

“Intimate Communion”, “Molting”, and “Zombification” – Under Her Skin: A Women in Horror Poetry Collection Volume I. April 2022

“Witch’s Garden” – Hypnos Magazine Fall Issue. November 2020

HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VII by [Stephanie M.  Wytovich, Sara Tantlinger, Sarah Read, K. P. Kulski]

“Haunted Basin” – HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VII. November 2020