Fuzzy is coming July 12, 2023!

Book #34 in the Rewind or Die series by Unnerving Books, my debut novella, is available for Kindle preorder now and will be released on July 12th. This was a fun one to write, and I hope you all enjoy it.

My homage to the VHS horror movies I grew up watching forwards, backwards, and in slow motion. Okay, drugs may have been involved but weren’t necessary. The movies were a blast! Fuzzy is reminiscent of Piranha, Lake Placid, and Creepshow, with my own twisted sense of dark humor. A creature feature about a ravenous organism living in the geothermal water beneath a Canadian provincial park, Fuzzy is a fun, gory romp with an aging warden, monsters, and unsuspecting interlopers.

Huge thanks to all the people who have helped me along the way, especially Carina Bisset and C.C. Adams who read an early draft, giving me the fresh and expert eyes that I needed.

I’m incredibly grateful to Eddie Generous for giving Fuzzy and me this opportunity and for being such an amazing editor and publisher to work with. Just look at the gorgeous cover he designed!

Okay, I’m excited to share the news, so that’s it for now. You’ll be hearing more from me before July 12th. I’m planning some readings, giveaways and fun stuff, so watch for that. My apologies in advance if you get sick of me. ūüôā

Underland Arcana Issue 9

Absolutely love this cover! I’ve been reading Underland Arcana for a few years now and love the strange stories that appear in its pages. Publisher Mark Teppo does an amazing job with this magazine.

I am thrilled to announce that my horror erotic love story “Hand of Glory” is published in issue 9. This may be one of my favorite stories I’ve written. You can read it free online here: https://www.underlandarcana.com/roni-stinger-hand-of-glory/

Also, check out the entire issue 9 by clicking on the cover above, and consider becoming a subscriber here: https://www.patreon.com/UnderlandPress



Every story published in Dark Matter Magazine is a best-of story to us,¬†and that’s why we had to do something different when choosing stories for the magazine’s first ever trade paperback anthology. Enter ZERO DARK THIRTY, a curated collection of the¬†30 DARKEST stories¬†to haunt our magazine’s pages during the first two years of publication (2021-2022). These are the most depressing and deranged tales the magazine has to offer. Enter if you must, but beware.”

I’m honored to have “The Ground Shook” included in this collection. I hope you all love Meera as much as I do.

Order here: https://darkmattermagazine.shop/products/dark-matter-presents-zero-dark-thirty

Check out Two-Thousand Word Terrors by Rooster Republic Press!

Each Monday, until the end of the year, a new horror story, free to read online, will be published at the following link: https://roosterrepublicpress.com/two-thousand-word-terrors-table-of-contents-introduction/

My short horror story “Go, Marge, Go” is included in this anthology and will be published August 21st, 2023.

It’s a fun one. I hope you like it.

HWA Poetry Showcase Volume lX Now Available

HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IX, edited by Angela Yuriko Smith
The Horror Writers Association presents their ninth annual Poetry Showcase, sharing the best in never-before-published dark verse. Edited by Angela Yuriko Smith with judges Lee Murray, Maxwell I. Gold and Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito, this year features the poetry of Stephanie M. Wytovich, Geneve Flynn and Naomi Simone Borwein along with other poems from Mary A. Turzillo, Christina Sng, Alessandro Manzetti, Victoria Nations, K. H. Vaughan and many more works of merit from the talented members of the Horror Writers Association. Cover artwork by Kyra Starr.

Honored to have my poem “Hide and Seek in Haunted Spaces” included in this year’s HWA Poetry Showcase. Available in paperback and Kindle here.

Preorders Available for Bloodless: An Anthology of Blood Free Horror by Sliced Up Press

I’m honored to have my conversion camp horror story “Camp Salvation: Khil or be Killed” in Bloodless, dropping October 28, 2022 from Sliced Up Press. Available to preorder now!

Direct at: https://ko-fi.com/sliceduppress/shop

Or, on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B9LGDNFX

Digital versions and preorders of Dark Matter Magazine Issue 009 are available now!

I am so excited for this release. It includes my story, “The Ground Shook”. This is one of my favorites. Meera arrived on the page and insisted her story be written. She’s determined to bring back her daddy, no matter what it takes or what might be happening in the world around her. Meera’s story is a dark, creepy, and emotional one, but not without love and hope.

A sample of Issue 009 is available here: https://darkmattermagazine.com/issues/issue-009/

Honored to share a table of contents with these amazing writers, Noah Codega, Andrew Sullivan, R.L Meza, Monte Lin, Rich Larson, Ai Jiang, Mark Joslyn, Warren Benedetto, Alex Woodroe, and Christi Nogle. As well as, incredible artists Asher, The Art District’86 and cover artist artofolly. Art features and editorials by Rob Carroll are always fantastic. And, there’s an author interview with Anne Heltzel by Jena Brown and upcoming submission news by Anna Madden. Dark Matter Magazine is one of the best out there, and it’s exciting to watch the press grow.

You can order digital issues and preorder print issues here: https://darkmattermagazine.shop/collections/issue-009